Travel sickness is also called kinetic sickness. It is caused by visual movement of the scene, which is usually what you experience when you are in the car or a moving vehicle.

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You often feel severe a headache and nausea, and it is very common among people. You do want this feeling to ruin your perfect trip which is why I have listed three ways you can conquer this feeling. Have a look:


As silly and stupid as it may sound to you, it does work. Travel sickness is mainly caused by movement of thing around you. So, if you close your eyes and block the view, it will help you feel better and get over the feeling of nausea.

Don’t believe me? Try it!


It is a common and a worst type of mistake we all make. When you feel travel sick, avoid consuming anything sweet. Do for salty or sour stuff. Pick a pack of crisps. They will surely make you feel better.

But in any case, AVOID consume anything sugary. It will just make the situation worse than before.


Switch your car’s air conditioner off for a while and appreciate the fresh air.

Get out of the car and take a small walk, or just put those window panes down. It will make you comfortable. Breathing in some fresh air is the solution to every type of travel sickness and probably anything and everything!

Solar powered crafts for kids

If you have a crafty kid, then nurture his creative skills through some fun ideas. With the help of few inexpensive craft supplies, your child can come up with his sparkle imagination and creative play. Here I am sharing solar powered crafts that your kid can easily make.

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  • Give a new life to your worn out crayons. Take a plastic bag and put your crayons in them. Break them with the help of hammer. Now place cookies cutter, 2-3 inch in size onto a parchment lined cookie sheet. Now fill the cutters with half inch of crayon pieces. Place the sheet into the direct sunlight until all the pieces melt. It will take 2-6 hours. Now cool it for an hour until they become solid. And finally pop out them from the cutters.
  • Another creative idea is to place a table in a sunny spot usually in afternoon. Unroll the paper along one side of the table and put various objects on the edge of paper that your kid wants to make. Long shadows will be casted on the paper. Your child can trace the shadows with colorful markers.
  • With the help of treated fabric and sunlight, your child will be able to draw his favorite specimens easily and happily. Collect his toys, natural objects or whatever he likes to draw. The real fun begins when he himself make creative decorations for his adorable room.

These techniques are easy to apply for little kids and are also important to arouse a sense of creativity among them.

Handle Tyre Failure with Ease – A Comprehensive Michelin Guide

Michelin recently published guidelines on handling a tyres failure, while on the go, efficiently. Here we take a look.

7  Handle Tyre Failure with Ease – A Comprehensive Michelin Guide

A tyre going kaput in the middle of a smooth ride, particularly in the middle of nowhere, could be a terribly frightening prospect. However, Michelin has some expert advice for all of us sceptical about the occurrence of such an incident.

A tyre blowout could be actually scary for most of us, especially during high speed driving. But, with the right know-how and basic experience, you can definitely overcome such a situation on the road. Michelin has suggested following the below-mentioned set of actions, which can help control the vehicle safely, in the event that such a situation occurs suddenly.

  1. Avoid panicking consciously. A tyre blowout will cause a fairly loud noise; despite, stay put and do not panic.
  2. Tighten your grip on the steering and remain in your lane.
  3. Position your foot right on the gas pedal.
    4. You may be instinctively tempted to hit the brakes; however refrain from doing so. Braking during a tyre puncture causes you to lose car control even faster.
  4. Slowly lift your foot off the gas pedal and let the car gradually lose pace.
  5. Carefully steer to the shoulder of the street.
    7. Switch the engine off, change the gear setting to Park mode, apply handbrake and switch on the car’s warning lights

Changing from Flat to Round

Once you bring the car to a safe halt, away from traffic, you might want to call your vehicle insurance service and get some assistance; but not if you’re literally stranded in a deserted area in the wee hours of the morning. In such a scenario, the next thing you will need to do is change your car’s flat tyre.

Just continue staying calm; follow the following steps and watch the situation get better in no time.

  1. To begin with, all the passengers alighting from the car must wear a reflective safety vest.
  2. Place the warning triangle at minimum 15m behind your car.
  3. Ensure that you car carries the following equipment at all times – flashlight, car jack, spare tyre and lug wrench.
  4. Remove your car’s spare wheel and ensure that it is not damaged; and wedge it diagonally opposite the punctured tyre.
  5. Loosen the nuts/bolts of the damaged tyre.
  6. Use the jack to raise the vehicle as indicated in the car manual.
  7. Now remove nuts/bolts and the punctured wheel.
  8. Align the spare wheel’s mounting holes with the hub’s, slightly tighten the nuts/bolts, lower the car and remove the jack.
  9. Use the wrench to tighten the nuts firmly. Ensure that you follow the sequence of tightening opposite nuts/bolts alternatively.
  10. The tools and the damaged tyre go back to the trunk and remove the wedges.

Back on Track

Stay alert while driving on the road, at any time of the day. After you replace the wheel, switch off the warning light and carefully steer towards the road. Stop at the first service station you spot and get your spare tyre’s air pressure measured.

Michelin has also released a video demonstrating the right way to handle a radial blowout on the go. The video uses a professionally shot footage, featuring a professional driver as well as equipment for tyre explosive testing.

Why is the Use of Wedding Cars Such a Great Idea?

Wedding season is here and plans are coming about. One such wedding plan that needs to be scheduled is the transportation for the bride and the groom and/or for the whole wedding party. The use of wedding cars is one of the most efficient transportation modes for wedding parties. There are many reasons for this efficiency including but not limited to:

  • Less stress for the bride and the groom
  • More style for the wedding party
  • More room for the whole wedding party

While these are just three of the reasons why the use of wedding cars is the most efficient transportation option for weddings they are some of the best reasons.

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Weddings can bring great stress mostly among the bride so transportation is just one of the things that don’t need to be stressed about. If you choose wedding cars for your wedding transportation you will be able to have less stress on your wedding day because you will have reliable transportation that will be available right when you need it.

If you want your wedding to be stylish then choosing wedding cars for your wedding party can be a great spin on creating the stylish look that you wish to have. If you choose other transportation modes you may have vehicles driving that are multiple colors or different makes and models. This may make your wedding look off-beat so choosing wedding cars as your transportation is a great idea.

Many times wedding parties are quite large and just one regular sized car or SUV often can’t usually fit the whole wedding party. If this is the case you will again have multiple vehicles driving your party around which can also cause your schedule to become messed up as well and that is the last thing you need on your special day. Make more room for the whole wedding party with the use of wedding cars.

Wedding cars are a very great idea for your wedding transportation needs. The reasons are simple and those reasons are to create less stress on your wedding day, have more style within your wedding plans and to create more room for your entire wedding party in one vehicle. Choose wedding cars for your transportation to make your wedding day go off without a hitch.

What are the Benefits of Renting Wedding Cars?

Wedding cars are commonly used all around the world for weddings and wedding events such as receptions and rehearsals. People choose to use wedding cars for many various reasons and the benefits show you just the reason why. The fantastic reasons why people choose to rent wedding cars include:

  • Easier way to transport wedding party
  • Best way to fit whole wedding party into one vehicle
  • Graceful way for transporting wedding party
  • Following tradition
  • And so much more….

As you can see there are many benefits of renting wedding cars for your wedding or wedding event such as reception or rehearsal.

To begin with transportation for your wedding party has never been easier than with the use of wedding cars. What could be a better benefit that making the plans for your special day easier? Not much and that is why creating an easier way to transport your wedding party is the number one benefit of renting wedding cars.

Another great benefit of renting wedding cars is creating the best way to fit your whole wedding party into one vehicle. Many weddings have multiple vehicles transporting the wedding party around which usually ends in more stress and chaos for everyone. Some reasons for this stress and chaos are the vehicles not all arriving to the specified place on time and the vehicles not matching the theme or color of the wedding. This is why choosing a wedding car large enough to fit your whole wedding party is a great benefit of renting wedding cars.

Weddings are all about grace and style. Wedding cars are all about providing that grace and style for your wedding. That is just one more amazing benefit of renting wedding cars. Everyone wants to have a graceful wedding.

Traditions for weddings often include the use of wedding cars for wedding transportation. To many people traditions are very important and mean everything to them. If this is your case then this benefit may outweigh all of the other benefits of renting wedding cars for your wedding.

There are many benefits of renting wedding cars for your wedding and these are just a few of them. Rent your wedding cars today!

Wedding Cars: Why is the Rental of them Important on Your Wedding Day?

Your wedding is supposed to be one of the biggest and most important days of your entire life which is why you deserve only the greatest things for your entire day. One of those great things that you deserve is renting wedding cars on your wedding day. Wedding cars offer luxury and style for your wedding day.

Wedding cars often provide an affordable way of wedding transportation. These cars also allow your schedule to stay on track for the whole day. Your schedule will stay on track because wedding cars drivers are professional and experienced and always care about customer care and service. The drivers will make sure that you arrive to your entire wedding events on time.

Wedding cars also offer the importance of convenience on your wedding day. Convenience is a very important part of any wedding day. If no wedding cars are rented then you have to rely on multiple other drivers to get where they need to be on time and you also will have to rely on those people to do as you say. With the rental of wedding cars these worries will be gone as the drivers are there for your convenience.

In addition, as hard as it may be to believe, many people (brides) have never ridden in a limousine. Many people especially brides dream of riding in a limousine someday and they just can’t bring themselves to spend the money to do so. What better day is there than to spend the money to make this dream come true? There is no better way which is why renting wedding cars for your wedding events is a wonderful choice.

If you don’t want to miss out on luxury and style and receiving only the greatest things on your wedding day renting wedding cars is the only option you should consider for your wedding transportation. Find affordable, comfortable and convenient wedding cars for your special day. By choosing wedding cars for your transportation you will be able to make your wedding day as perfect as you always hoped that it would be!